Apple has highest brand value, Samsung & Google in top five

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Interbrand has published its annual report on the “Best Global Brands” for 2023, ranking top global companies according to their brand value. The latest chart has an unchanged top five with Apple leading the pack. Microsoft Amazon, Google, and Samsung follow in that order. Samsung broke into the top five in 2020 and has held onto its position for the fourth year in a row.

Samsung has the fifth highest brand value among top global companies

Interbrand has been releasing an annual chart of the best global brands based on the brand value for the past several years. According to its latest report, Apple’s brand value increased by 4% in 2023, crossing $500 billion for the first time. Microsoft follows it distantly with a brand value of $316 billion. The Windows maker’s value increased a whopping 14% over the past year.


Amazon and Google in the third and fourth spots aren’t separated by a huge margin, with their values coming in at $276 billion and $260 billion, respectively. The latter registered a 3% growth in 2023 as opposed to the e-commerce giant’s 1% value increase. If the internet giant maintains this growth rate, it may soon overtake Amazon into the third spot.

Samsung, which has steadily climbed the ladder over the past decade has a long way to go before it can challenge Google or Amazon, though. The Korean behemoth was in the ninth spot in 2012 but made its way up to fifth in 2020. However, its rivals are so far ahead that it may have to settle there for years to come. Samsung’s brand value grew 4% in 2023 to reach $91 billion.

The next five biggest global brands (according to Interbrand) are Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Nike, and BMW in that order. While Toyota was sixth last year too, most of the companies below it have swapped places. Most notably, BMW jumped three places to break into the top ten. The German automaker’s brand value increased by ten% this past year, reaching $51 billion.

Facebook, Disney, and Intel suffered value declines

The top 12 brands in this chart (McDonald’s and Tesla in 11th and 12th, respectively) all registered a value growth in 2023. Disney at the 13th spot, meanwhile, dropped four places from ninth last year after a 4% value decrease this year. Facebook (-8%), Intel (-14%), UPS (-4%), GUCCI (-2%), and Nescafe (-2%) are other companies that have suffered a value decline in 2023.

Overall, the total value of the top 100 best global brands increased by 5.7% this year. It is a much slower growth compared to last year when Interbrand reported a 16% surge. This reflects the recent economic downturns affecting most global industries. You can find the full chart for 2023 here.

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