iPhone SE 4 tipped to use a modified iPhone 14 chassis

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The iPhone SE 4 has been in the rumor mill for a long time now. Some rumors said it’s coming this year, some next, and some even said that the phone won’t launch at all, that it’s just a prototype for Apple’s new modem. Well, based on the latest rumor the iPhone SE 4 is coming, and it will use a modified iPhone 14 chassis.

The iPhone SE 4 will use a modified iPhone 14 chassis, it seems

We initially thought that the phone would use the exact same chassis that the iPhone 14 used… if it ever ends up seeing the light of day. Well, based on a report from MacRumors, that won’t be the case.


The iPhone SE 4 is known as ‘D59’, that’s its device identifier at the company. The employees actually refer to the phone as ‘Ghost’. That’s its codename. Needless to say, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to be a budget smartphone from the company, a successor to the iPhone SE 3 aka iPhone SE 2022.

All iPhone SE models thus far had the same design. They borrow the iPhone 8 chassis. Needless to say, that design is very dated at this point, so Apple is definitely looking to change that.

Based on this report, the iPhone SE 4 will use the iPhone 14 chassis, but it’ll be a bit different. The source managed to get some more info about the chassis, so that we can compare that to what the iPhone 14 offers.

It will be a bit lighter than the iPhone 14 too

The iPhone 14 dimensions are 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.8mm, while the phone weighs 172 grams. The source claims that the iPhone SE 4 will be lighter by about 6-7 grams, weighing about 165 grams.

That device is expected to use a single camera, not two of them. That could represent the difference in weight. The phone is tipped to utilize a single 48-megapixel camera on the back, so the backplate will be a bit different too.

The use of a single camera on the back is one form of cost-cutting measures, of course. All iPhone SE models thus far utilized a single camera, though this one should be much-improved in comparison.

An Action Button will be a part of the package, as will a Type-C port

Now, another difference compared to the iPhone 14 chassis will be an Action Button. It will be included on the iPhone SE 4. The last difference lies in its port, the phone will come with a Type-C port, not a Lightning port.

We’re still not sure when will this phone see the light of day, though.