The Best Android Data Recovery Software

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We’ve all been there. You’ve lost data on your phone, and now there’s no way to get it back. This is particularly frightening since we all have so much information on our phones. From pictures, to apps, to personal information and even texts and voicemails from loved ones that might not be here anymore. It happens, and it’s not exclusive to just Android either. It happens on other platforms too. 

What if we told you that the data is not gone forever? That’s right. There are plenty of software options available for data recovery on Android. And here are some of the best available right now. 


Stellar Data Recovery for Android


This is the best data recovery tool for Android. Stellar Data Recovery is a simple, yet powerful tool, and it’s easy for anyone to retrieve their lost data. This does support all Android devices running Android 6 or later. Which should work on most phones, seeing as Android 6 launched in 2015 (that’s over eight years ago). And the best part is that Stellar Data Recovery for Android is able to recover deleted data from Android phones without needing to root them. 

This tool is able to recover lost or deleted photos, videos, audio, documents and more. Stellar offers a pretty clean and easy to use user interface. That’s something you don’t see with a lot of these tools. Many of them don’t spend much time on the user interface, so novice users can feel a bit overwhelmed when they open the software. 

It’s a great way to recover from a virus or malware that infected your Android phone, as well as recovering data from a broken or physically damaged phone. Just plug in your phone to your computer and open Stellar Data Recovery for Android to get started. This program can also recover data from a recently emptied deleted folder. 

Stellar Data Recovery for Android is available as a free download, allowing you to try it out before purchasing. In the free trial, you can scan and preview your data now, then purchase a license and retrieve the data you’ve lost. The license will cost you $29.99 for a year and will work on three devices. Or you can get a bundle that includes Stellar Data Recovery for Android and iPhone that will cost you $49 for a year and works on three devices. This makes Stellar Data Recovery the cheapest option on this list, and it’s one of the few that will work with Android and iOS. 


Download Stellar Data Recovery for Android

Disk Drill for Android

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Are you looking for a complete data recovery solution for Android and iOS? Then Disk Drill is worth a look. This software is able to help recover missing or deleted photos, audio, documents, videos, archives and much more. Like many of the data recovery options we’ve listed here, Disk Drill does offer a free trial that let’s you preview what data you can recover. Then you’ll need to buy a license to recover more than 500MB of data, which will cost you $79 for unlimited data recovery on three devices simultaneously. 

One of the big advantages that Disk Drill has here is that it is able to support multiple file formats, and lets you search for files by name. Like Stellar Data Recovery, Disk Drill will also provide you with a nice and sleek user interface that is pretty easy to use. 

The major downside for Disk Drill is that it only works on devices with Android 12 or older. It can work on all Android devices with USB Mass Storage Mode. However, your phone does need to be rooted. That’s something you won’t find as a requirement on a few other options in this list. However, Disk Drill is available for both Windows and macOS, making it more versatile for those that use different desktop platforms. 

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Tenorshare UltData for Android

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Tenorshare is another good option for Android data recovery software. The company says that they have the highest success rate in the business for retrieving lost data on Android smartphones. It is also compatible with more than 6,000 devices. Which includes brands like Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi, Huawei and many more.

Like with other software, you can also preview what you data you are able to recover, before recovering it. And this is able to be done without rooting your phone. Tenorshare UltData is able to recover deleted photos, WhatsApp (Business) chats, WeChat conversations and even Google Drive files that you might have deleted. 

Tenorshare UltData is compatible with Android 5 through Android 13. It unfortunately is not fully compatible with Android 14 just yet. This also works on Mac and Windows, making it more versatile for those that use multiple platforms. This is going to be a great option for those that also need to retrieve chats from WeChat and Google Drive data, however, that’s only available on Windows. WhatsApp data recovery is available on both platforms. 

Tenorshare UltData is available as a free trial. Allowing you to preview what you can recover before paying. To retrieve your data, you’ll need to get a license. Tenorshare does offer a 1-month license for $55.95, or a 1-year license for $59.95. There’s also a lifetime license for $69.95. 

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Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery

Dr Fone Data Receovery


Wondershare’s Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery software is another good option for retrieving your data. It offers a pretty good looking user interface that makes it super simple to retrieve your data. Wondershare does claim that it has the highest data recovery success rate in the industry, and is able to recover photos, videos, contacts, SMS, WhatsApp and more. Dr. Fone can retrieve data from broken phones, and even Google Drive. 

Dr. Fone is one of the most compatible Android Data Recovery softwares we have listed here. It is compatible with Android 2.1 and later, which means those that have had the same phone for many, many years, can use this without any issues. It also does not require root, simply plug your Android phone into a PC and get started. 

There is a free trial available for Dr. Fone, but to actually retrieve your data you’ll need to pay up. Licenses start at $39.95 for Dr. Fone which will work on Android and iOS. There is also an option for Dr. Fone Full Toolkit that will cost you $99.95. This will include screen unlock, data recovery, WhatsApp transfer, phone transfer, data eraser and system repair. 

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iMyFone D-Back for Android


Supporting up to Android 13, iMyFone D-Back for Android is also a good option for data recovery. It doesn’t yet support Android 14, but that should be coming pretty soon. iMyFone is compatible with over 6,000 smartphones, from all sorts of brands including Samsung, Sony, OnePlus, Google and more. 


iMyFone is able to retrieve all sorts of data from your Android smartphone. This includes contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, audio, documents, WiFi passwords and so much more. It can literally recover everything. The program does also allow you to selectively extract data from Google Drive Backup then preview and export it. So even if you don’t have that phone or it doesn’t turn on anymore, you can still get your data back, as long as you backed up to Google Drive. 

Like many data recovery software, iMyFone offers a free trial and a paid version that will be needed to actually recover your data. Android data recovery will cost you $29.95, while WhatsApp data recovery will cost you $39.95. Or you can get the premium version which includes Android data and WhatsApp data recovery for $49.99. 

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Which Data Recovery Tool should you choose?

While all of these data recovery tools for Android are pretty good, the one that we recommend as the best is Stellar Data Recovery for Android. One of the biggest reasons why we believe it is the best, is because of the price. It’s cheaper than every other option on this list, and it does not skimp out on the features either. It can also recover just about everything that you could want from your old phone, including call logs and text messages. Stellar also has the ability to recover data from a recently emptied deleted folder, that’s not something we’ve seen from any other data recovery tool. For just $29.99 annually, this seems like a no-brainer.