Black Friday TV Deals 2023: Shop these huge discounts now

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Black Friday is just two days away, but that is not stopping the deals from coming in right now for some really incredible TVs that you can grab at huge discounts right now. Retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Crutchfield all have TVs at record low prices right now, making this the perfect time to pick one up.

Here at AndroidHeadlines, we’ve been combing through the Black Friday deals and ad scans for over a month, to help you find the best TV deals that you can. And we are rounding up the very best Black Friday TV Deals right here in this post.


Black Friday TV Deals 2023

Best TV Deals

These are the very best TV deals you can pick up right now for Black Friday.

LG 48-inch A2 OLED 4K TV

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The LG A2 OLED is one of the cheaper OLED TVs that you can buy today, and now it’s even cheaper. It’s just $549, saving you a whooping $750 off of its regular price. LG does offer this particular TV in a ton of sizes, going all the way up to 83-inch. But at this size, it’s large enough to sit on your desk as a monitor, making this TV very versatile.

LG 48-inch A2 OLED 4K TV - Best Buy

Samsung 75-inch TU690T 4K TV

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This TV isn’t super special, it’s not QLED or OLED, instead it’s an LED panel which still looks really good. The point of this TV is to get a huge TV at a low price. This is a massive 75-inch TV that you can get for under $600 which is really incredible.

Samsung 75-inch TU690T 4K TV - Best Buy

TCL 55-inch Q5 Series QLED TV

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It’s rather surprising that you can get a QLED TV at this cheap of a price point. But you can. This is actually a really good looking 55-inch TV from TCL that does run on Google TV. Giving you a great experience, both visually and with what you’re watching, since you get all of your favorite Google apps here. Including YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Max, Paramount Plus and much more.

TCL 55-inch Q5 QLED TV - Best Buy

Samsung 85-inch QN85C Neo QLED 4K TV

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Perhaps the best, big-screen, QLED TV that you can buy this year, and it’s a whooping $1,500 off of its regular price. This TV has a stunning picture, as well as having the ability to use Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound. Giving you a really incredible experience with this TV, and no need to have a soundbar.

Samsung QN85C QLED TV - Amazon

Samsung TV Deals

Samsung makes a slew of great TVs, which you can check out our list of the Best Samsung TVs to find out more. But this includes QLED, OLED, QD-OLED and even LCD.

Sony BRAVIA XR 4K Mini LED TV 2022 X95K Lifestyle


Sony TV Deals

Sony also makes really good TVs, and let’s face it, they are a movie studio so they want their movies and TV shows to look great on their TVs. So the picture quality is great, but they are often times more expensive than other TVs.

Hisense TV Deals

Hisense is normally cheaper TVs, but they do use Google TV (and Android TV), and the latest technologies like QLED and Mini-LED.

TCL TV Deals

TCL is one of the biggest TV brands in the world now, and they use Roku, Fire TV and Google TV on their TVs, which makes them super appealing.

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Amazon TV Deals

Surprisingly, Amazon does make some really good TVs in its 4-series, 5-series and Omni Series. I’ve been using their Omni QLED TV for a couple of years and absolutely love it.

LG TV Deals

LG is known as the king of OLED, and now they are also producing QD-OLED panels, as well as using Mini-LED, keeping that crown as the king of OLED.

Projector Deals

Maybe a TV isn’t the right fit for you. That’s okay, because there are a ton of great projectors that you can pick up right now, that are also pretty inexpensive.


Should I buy a TV on Black Friday?

Typically, Black Friday is the best time to buy a TV. We see the lowest prices around and on Black Friday. There might be a few exceptions for Super Bowl season in January and February, but most TVs will see their biggest discounts now. A big reason for this is, to clear out old stock. As most TVs will get refreshed at CES in January.

What kind of TV should I buy on Black Friday?

This is really going to be up to you, and where you are putting the TV. But our general rule of thumb is to stick with QLED or QD-OLED TVs. These are brighter TVs than just OLED, and offers up the same great picture, without burn in. The most popular TV size right now is 65-inches, but some might want something bigger, or even something smaller. However, a solid 65-inch QLED TV would be a great purchase, and the good thing is, you can get these for pretty cheap these days.

Where’s the best place to buy a TV during Black Friday?

Our pick for the best place to buy a TV on Black Friday is going to be Best Buy. There’s a couple reasons why. First off, you can buy online and (for most TVs) go to your local store and pick it up the same day. That’s going to save you on shipping, of course that is if your vehicle can fit the TV. Additionally, you can go into Best Buy and check out what the TVs look like, to choose the one you want. As that is a pretty big part of buying a TV.