Best educational Android apps – updated June 2023

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The smartphone and internet era has greatly influenced our education system. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have now become virtual classrooms. Thanks to educational apps, you can use your Android smartphone to learn a variety of things or teach new skills to yourself or your kids from the comfort of your home.

There are tons of educational apps on the Google Play Store. While some apps cover all general topics that you should know about, some apps specialize in select subjects. They are designed to help you learn more about a particular topic. To help you find the app that suits your needs, we have compiled a list of the best educational apps for Android.


Go through the article below for detailed information on each app, including a description, Google Play rating and size, cost of in-app purchases, and screenshots or promo videos, as well as a Google Play Store download link.

Best educational Android apps 2023

Below is a quick overview of the best educational Android apps for 2023, including any download and in-app purchase costs.

Download Cost In-app cost (per item)
EdX $1.99 – $199.99
Duolingo $0.99 – $149.99
Coursera $0.99 – $799.99
Photomath $0.99 – $79.99
Quizlet $1.99 – $35.99
SoloLearn $4.99 – $69.99
Brainly $1.00 – $96.00
Udemy $0.99 – $209.99
Socratic by Google

 Best educational Android apps 2022 downloads

Below is a little more information on each app, including a direct link for easy downloading.

All download links go to the app’s Google Play Store listing. Users are always recommended to download apps from Google Play or an authorized app store.


  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $1.99 – $199.99
  • Size: 14MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Not every student can fulfill their dream of studying at top universities like Harvard and MIT. These universities are tough to get into, let alone other factors such as cost or location. Well, you can still access the top courses offered by these big-name universities right on your smartphone with the EdX app.

EdX offers thousands of online courses in over 30 subjects including computer science, business & management, mathematics, science & engineering, blockchain, language, art, law, politics, history, and much more from several top universities around the world.

Granted you won’t get a legitimate college degree through this app. However, EdX is one of the best educational apps where you can get real courses from actual colleges for free. You can tune into online lectures or download courses to watch them offline anytime, anywhere. You can even take quizzes and complete assignments to test yourself. No wonder it is trusted by more than 30 million learners globally.




TED best educational Android apps



  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: No
  • Size: 41MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

TED is home to more than 3000 inspirational videos ranging across several topics including tech, science, and psychology. You’ll get revolutionary ideas from expert education radicals that can truly make you think. The entire TED Talks video library is available with subtitles in over 100 languages. You can bookmark the videos for quick access or even download them for offline playback anytime anywhere.

The app offers curated playlists of inspirational videos of a similar genre so you can find them all in one place. You can also custom-build your own playlists and get recommendations based on your interests. TED syncs your saved videos on all devices. The “Surprise Me” feature lets you discover new ideas.



Duoling app


  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $0.99 – $149.99
  • Size: 35MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Learning a new language takes immense patience, dedication, and practice, but Duolingo makes it a lot easier. You can learn more than 30 different languages pretty quickly through this app. It makes learning new languages fun with small, game-like lessons that are easy to grasp. Each lesson takes just about five minutes on average.

You start with basic words, phrases, and sentences. As you progress through levels, these lessons will improve your vocabulary and grammar skills. You can set your daily goals for a customized learning path. Duolingo is completely free to use. However, you can make in-app purchases to unlock some premium features. More than 300 million people use this app to learn new languages globally.




Coursera best educational Android apps


  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $0.99 – $799.99
  • Size: 28MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Coursera is another app where you can find courses and programs from colleges and universities around the world. Like EdX, it also offers courses on a wide range of subjects and topics, including computer science, data science, business, information technology, math and logic, and many more. You will most certainly find the course you’re looking for on one of the two platforms.

Some of the courses on Coursera come with professional certificates and degrees. Most of those are hidden behind a paywall, though. You can still access plenty of programs for free or even get financial aid. Once you join Coursera, you can use the same credentials to access your courses from the web on other devices. Videos on COursera come with subtitles in multiple languages.



  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $0.99 – $79.99
  • Size: 12MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

High-school mathematics is a very abstract subject and requires a lot of practice and time. Photomath is an app that can help you solve math problems quickly. Simply type your question or snap a photo of it, and the app will instantly solve it and provide you step by step explanation of the answer. Detailed animations will further help you visualize and understand each step.


This app covers all topics of basic maths, such as arithmetic, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, powers, roots, and factors, as well as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. Photomath is completely free to use, but a premium subscription unlocks more in-depth explanations and other features.



  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $1.99 – $35.99
  • Size: 22MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Quizlet uses the flashcards method to make learning quicker and easier. You can create your own flashcards and study sets or choose from more than 500 million sets created by students and teachers from around the world. Used by over 60 million people globally, flashcards on Quizlet integrate text, images, and audio so you can quickly recall what you have learned.

This app offers study materials across various topics, including medicine, law, math, social science, and more. It supports more than 18 foreign languages such as Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. It also lets you share your flashcards with others so you can exchange assignments and tests with your classmates. Premium features on Quizlet include ad-free studying, Night Theme, and offline access.



Sololearn app


  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $4.99 – $69.99
  • Size: 32MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

SoloLearn has a huge collection of free computer coding and programming content. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you get thousands of programming topics to learn coding concepts and brush up your programming knowledge over time. You can learn web development, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and JQuery, as well as several computer languages such as Python, Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, SQL, Machine Learning, and a lot more.


SoloLearn is used by over 40 million coding enthusiasts from all over the world. The app delivers new content based on your progress, preference, and the latest coding trends. You can write, run, and share real code right from your mobile, without needing any additional installations and setups. An interactive community of coders is there to help you with your queries anytime anywhere.




  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $1.00 – $96.00
  • Size: 76MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Brainly is a social learning app where you can post your homework questions and get help from other users. It has the world’s largest social learning community with over 350 million monthly active users. Millions of questions across various subjects have been answered on Brainly over time. Subject experts verify the answers.

This app covers multiple education levels, such as elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. You will find answers from experts on subjects and topics including Math, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Health, Arts, and Business, as well as several languages. You can earn points and gain ranks as an expert by helping other students.



  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $0.99 – $209.99
  • Size: 19MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Udemy offers online courses on pretty much everything, from programming languages like Python and Java to personal development classes like design, music instruments, drawing, writing, yoga, and much much more. It features more than 200,000 video courses in thousands of topics taught by over 70,000 expert instructors teaching in more than 70 different languages.


Once you’ve enrolled in a course, you’ll have lifetime access to the content. You can download the courses for offline access anytime anywhere. Udemy also lets you personalize your learning experience with speed controls and closed captioning so you can go at your own pace depending on your time and ability. If you have doubts about some lessons, you can ask both students as well as instructors and clear your doubts.


Socratic by Google

Socratic by Google

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: No
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Google Play rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Socratic is an AI-powered learning app made by Google. It’s suitable for everyone, from elementary and high school students to college and university goers. This app lets you take photos of your questions and then answer them with an explanation. It also finds the best online resources for you to learn more about the concepts.

Google has partnered with teachers and experts to bring you visual explanations of each subject. Socratic currently only covers Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature subjects. However, Google says there are more to come. Socratic is completely free to use with no ads or in-app purchases.