Best of CES 2023: Roborock S8 Series

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The Roborock S8 is the best robot vacuum yet.

Roborock is back at CES this year, with a brand new robot vacuum. The Roborock S8 Series, which consists of three models, technically. That includes the Roborock S8, S8 Plus and the S8 Pro Ultra.

With the new S8 series, it really feels like Roborock is just showing off now. Roborock made the best robot vacuum ever last year, in the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, and this year they’ve topped it somehow. With the S8 series, Roborock boosted the suction power once again, bringing it up to 6,000Pa. That’s more than 3x what the competition is using. So why does this matter? Well, this boosted suction means that the vacuum is able to get more dirt and dust up off of the carpet. Including dirt that is deeply embedded into the carpet.


Roborock improves mopping and obstacle avoidance

Two things that Roborock has been very good at in recent years has been mopping, and avoiding obstacles. Roborock was the first one to release a robot vacuum that would lift the mopping pad off of the floor to vacuum. It was also one of the first to introduce sonic mopping, which is here once again. It has been improved, and has a frequency of 3,000 times per minute now. And on the S8 Pro, you will also get two vibration modules. That’s going to give you even better efficiency compared to the original mopping system.

Obstacle avoidance has been a hot topic among robot vacuums in the past few years. And now it’s been improved by Roborock. Reactive 3D is able to identify obstacles and clean around them. It is also able to avoid pet waste, as you would expect from a robot vacuum.

All of this is why we have decided to award the Roborock S8 series with a Best of CES award this year. It’s definitely well-earned.