Best of IFA 2023: HONOR V Purse

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The HONOR V Purse is a phone that can easily become a fashion statement.

HONOR decided to show off two smartphones at IFA 2023 in Berlin. One of them was the HONOR Magic V2, a device that launched in China in July. That one was expected. The other one, however, was quite a surprise. All we know is that it’s going to be a ‘concept phone’. The device in question is the HONOR V Purse, and it managed to make an impact at IFA. This device is foldable, but it’s a fashion-focused foldable.


The HONOR V Purse is an outwards-folding smartphone with a spark for fashion

The HONOR V Purse is, first and foremost, an outwards-folding foldable. It means it has one display, which is foldable, and the device folds in the opposite direction of book-style foldables. That display ends up being visible whether the phone is folded or not, unlike what book-style foldables and clamshell foldables offer. There are advantages and disadvantages to that form factor, and HONOR decided to focus on the benefits of it, and even put focus on them.

How’s that? Well, the HONOR V Purse takes advantage of the fact its display is constantly visible, but we’ll get to that in the moment. Let’s talk about how you can attach straps to this phone. Yes, you can attach a strap, as you would to a handbag or a purse. The company envisioned various different straps for this purpose, including the ones with feather accents, chains, and so on. So you can basically switch between them in order to make a different statement, or dress for a different purpose.

It transforms into a digital purchase thanks to different straps & AOD styles

Those straps attach to the phone’s hinge, actually. Now, this works in collaboration with the AOD (Always-On Display) function of the phone. HONOR worked with several well-known designers to create different AOD styles for the device. It also plans to invite other designers to join the pack, as it will open the APIs. That way, you can make the phone’s AOD match the clothes you’re wearing for a specific occasion, and also match with the strap you’re using that time.


The HONOR V Purse is not for everyone, of course, but it can make a fashion statement. You carry your phone with you everywhere, so why not show it off in the best light? Cases make fashion statements on phones these days, but this takes everything to a whole new level. The HONOR V Purse is not only a phone, it’s also a fashion statement, and a conversation starter. It was easily one of the more interesting announcements we’ve seen at IFA 2023, which is why one of our awards has been issued.

HONOR did not talk about the phone’s specifications just yet. This is, after all, just a concept phone at the moment. We’ll see what will happen down the road.