The Best Echo Show is now $95 off for Black Friday

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For Black Friday, Amazon is shaving $95 off of the regular price of the Echo Show 15. This brings the price down to just $184.99, which is actually the lowest price we’ve seen for a new version – refurbished models have been cheaper of course.

This is the best Echo Show that Amazon has right now. And it’s not even close. So why do I love this Echo Show so much? Well, because it has Fire TV built-in. Amazon built this to be a really cool picture frame that can be mounted on the wall, and now you can watch YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and much more here. That is a game-changer, and I really wish Amazon would add this to more of their Echo Show devices, since apps like YouTube work on Fire TV but not the Echo Show.


I’ve been using this Echo Show 15 in my home for a couple of years now, and honestly, it’s the main reason why I prefer Alexa over the Google Assistant. I can have it mounted in my kitchen and watch the Lions game while cooking Thanksgiving dinner. That’s a pretty big deal, and really great for those that can multi-task.

Of course, the Echo Show 15 has all the usual Echo Show features like Alexa being included. So you are able to ask Alexa to do different things, as well as check in on your smart home products. Change the temperature in your home, turn off the lights, and even lock your front door, among many other things. The Echo Show 15 does have a camera built into the bezel, which does have a shutter that you can use to cover the camera. This camera can be used as a smart home security camera, and keep an eye on what’s happening in your home.

The Echo Show 15 is a really good product to pick up for anyone on your holiday shopping list this year.

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