Black Friday Deals: Your Chance to Get the Galaxy S23 Ultra for $299

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Had your eyes on a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra? Now is the time to grab one. Currently, you can pick up a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for just $299 during Black Friday. This is thanks to Samsung offering an enhanced trade-in credit, up to $299. However, if you don’t have anything you want to trade-in, you can grab a Galaxy S23 Ultra from Best Buy for just $899 (that’s still $300 off).

Samsung is offering up to $800 in trade-in credit for a number of phones too. Including the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Those are older phones, so it’s a bit surprising to see that kind of trade-in here. But good to see, nonetheless.


The Galaxy S23 Ultra is by far my favorite smartphone of the year. Samsung really nailed a lot of things with this phone, which includes the battery life and camera. Arguably two of the most important aspects of the smartphone experience. I used the Galaxy S23 Ultra for well over six months this year, and the battery life never disappointed. I took it on many trips, including to South Korea, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra held its own. Getting me through busy travel days, and giving me an incredible camera experience. While Samsung touts that the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 200-megapixel camera, that doesn’t mean a lot. Since you won’t be using that full resolution all that often. But this does mean you’re getting a lot more detail in each photo.

Samsung has also included 10x telephoto capability here, which has served me very well this year. I used it to take photos of Manhattan from my hotel room in Brooklyn over the summer, and was completely amazed at how well it was.

On top of all of this, Samsung has been stellar with software updates. In fact, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has already gotten the update to Android 14, making it one of the first non-Pixel phones to get the update.

This deal for up to $800 in trade-in for the Galaxy S23 Ultra is not going to last long. So you will want to grab it before it is gone.

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