The ChromeOS 119 update makes it easy to install Steam games

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The ChromeOS 119 stable update has officially been released for compatible Chromebooks. The new OS upgrade makes it easier to install games from the Steam gaming platform, apart from a few new features. In addition, the stable version of ChromeOS 119 comes with a handful of improvements for the Google Drive synchronization feature. The new update arrives almost a month after ChromeOS 118 was released with new features like touch-on security and more, according to a new report.

The ChromeOS 119 stable update brings Steam gaming to the masses

Chromebook users were already able to install and play compatible games on their devices. However, they had to switch their computer to the developer channel, apart from enabling experimental features and more. The new ChromeOS version has a dedicated Steam icon inside the app drawer. This makes it easier to install games from the popular gaming platform.


The Steam installer will only work on devices that Google has deemed capable of running the platform. On a compatible Chromebook, the users can click on the Steam icon in the app drawer to run the installer. Once Steam is installed, you’ll insert your credentials to log in and install some games to test the limits of your Chromebook.

It’s worth noting that not all games available on the Steam platform are compatible with Chromebooks. Your computer is definitely going to struggle with modern AAA titles. Games like Counter Strike Source will run really well, but you may face lag and frame drops with Counter Strike 2.

The ChromeOS 119 update doesn’t come with the Steam application pre-installed. It is just a shortcut to the Steam installer in the app drawer of your Chromebook, not the fully installed version.

ChromeOS 119 also comes with the Google Drive sync feature

In addition to the Steam installer, the ChromeOS 119 update brings the new Google Drive sync feature for Chromebook Plus models. Chromebook Plus users can now synchronize all of their Google Drive files for offline access. This feature was announced last month as an exclusive feature for Chromebook Plus devices. It will make it much easier to work on a Chromebook, even if it is not connected to any network.

The ChromeOS 119 update also brings features like saving Tab Groups, Privacy Hub controls for camera & microphone access, and more. The update is rolling out to all compatible Chromebooks in a phased manner, so not everyone will get it right away.