Google will use AI to help you find that perfect Christmas gift

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It’s the holiday season, so the pressure is on to buy the perfect gift for your loved one. While the tradition of gift-giving goes back millennia, Google is here to reinvent the wheel and use AI to help you with your Christmas shopping. According to a new report, Google’s SGE will also help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

If you don’t know what Google’s SGE is, it stands for Search Generative Experience. This feature has been in testing for a while, and you may have seen it before. When you search for something on Google, you’ll see a section above the search results with an AI-generated summary of what you searched for. Say, if you search “What is malware?” in Google, above the pages that would otherwise inform you of this, Google SGE will give you a quick and concise answer to that question.


As you can guess, this is a bit of a controversial tool, as it limits the traffic to thousands of websites. That’s a topic that’s continuing to develop at this time.

Google will use AI to help you with your Christmas shopping

One thing about generative AI is its ability to provide you with advice on pretty much any subject. Just type in the question, and you will get a useful answer delivered to you. Well, what’s to stop it from suggesting great Christmas presents for you to buy? With Google SGE, that’s exactly what will happen.

When you go on to Google, do a search for ideas for Christmas presents. You can use queries like “gift ideas for a 7-year-old who wants to be an inventor” or something like “a gift idea for my cousin who loves kites.” Google will use generative AI to ascertain what you’re wanting, and provide suggestions of what to buy.

You’ll see a bunch of results categorized into different sections. Each section will have a collection of items that you can buy. Google won’t simply tell you what to buy, it will surface links to different shopping sites to buy those products. That’s good news, as it directs more traffic to these websites.

If you have Google SGE, you can start searching for your ideal Christmas presents now. It’s live for the web version, and the mobile version on Android and iOS.