Google Chrome could soon organize your hundreds of open tabs using AI

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Every Google service and app is getting AI-driven additions, and the Chrome web browser won’t be an exception. According to AndroidPolice (via @Leopeva64), Google is working on a new AI settings section for Chrome that helps users organize tabs using AI.

In September, the firm was spotted developing a new feature for Chrome, dubbed “Organize Tabs,” that allowed users to reorder open tabs or move them to another window. While the feature was vague back then, the new findings could give us more clues about how it works. @Leopeva64 says Google calls the feature “Advanced.” However, the URL (chrome://settings/ai) reveals it’s an AI-driven feature.


Google Chrome will soon let you organize tabs with AI

@Leopeva64 even shared a video of how the feature operates on Google Chrome. As per the video, an “Advanced ” section will be added to the Chrome setting that opens a “Show additional settings” toggle. Enabling the toggle opens another toggle that reads “Autofill helper.” Then, you’ll be required to restart the browser. What “Autofill Helper” does on Google Chrome is still a mystery. @Leopeva64 says the feature was initially called “Compose.”

Additionally, the former “Organize Tabs” feature spotted in September will supposedly be a part of this new settings section. Once you open a certain number of tabs on Chrome, the Organize Tabs button will appear in the Search tab chevron, letting you organize opened tabs. It remains to be seen what parameters the feature will consider when managing tabs. It could benefit from machine learning algorithms for identifying tabs with a similar subject.

The feature is still under development, and it’s unclear when it will be available to Chrome users. However, it’s a welcome addition to the most popular web browser globally. Google Chrome has a vast potential for getting more AI-driven features and integrating with the company’s AI chatbot, Bard.

More Google services are in line to get AI features

The tech firm was recently spotted working on AI-generated FAQs for Play Store. The feature lets developers answer user’s questions with AI. Google already allows developers to craft app listings with its generative AI tool powered by the PaLM 2 model.