Potential Google Glass 3 camera patent shows Pixel Watch compatibility

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New Google Glass 3 patent shows how the AR glasses will be able to connect with, and control the Pixel Watch. From this patent, Google shows how it intends the camera technology to achieve this control ability. If this new patent is put to use on any of Google’s AR or VR products, it’ll be a functional tool for most Pixel Watch users.

The patent we’re talking about here shows that Google could bring more functional tools to the camera technology on its coming AR product. This camera will not only be useful while recording videos or taking pictures but also for controlling the Pixel Watch. To achieve this, the camera detects when its user is looking at their Pixel Watch and then seamlessly connects with the watch’s screen.


With the connection in place, the user can then perform some controls using the AR glass’ display. These controls include selecting apps, touchscreen gesture controls, and so much more. The user will be in control of all this (with the help of the Google Glass 3 camera), hence he won’t need to reach out and touch his watch’s display.

The recent Google Glass 3 camera patent is a bit bizarre but quite impressive

One big question that most potential users of this technology will ask is how the connection between the watch and the AR camera will work. Some netizens might wonder if this technology also comes with mind-reading abilities to tell exactly what the user wants to do. Well, it’s all about gesture controls as the communication between the AR product’s camera and the watch’s display will rely on user’s gestures.

Google explains that these controls only kick in when the user focuses on the watch’s display. The cameras on the Google Glass 3 will feature gaze-tracking technology to tell where the user is looking. With this, the camera will be able to tell the app icon or control button the user is looking at on the watch’s display.

Once the camera can establish a connection between the watch and the AR glasses, information from the watch will then move to the screen of the smart glasses. From here, users can access information from the Pixel Watch directly, and see it projected in front of their eyes. All controls that users make from AR glasses at that point rely on gesture input from the user.