Google Pixel 2 Watch faces are now rolling out to first-gen model

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With the Wear OS 4 update that is rolling out, the original Pixel Watch is getting the new model’s watch faces. The new update is now available on the recently launched Pixel Watch 2 and the older Pixel Watch model. Some of the major changes to the older watch are the faces of the new smartwatch from Google.

Users of the older watch that have installed the new system update are noting six new watch faces that launched with the Pixel Watch 2. All six new watch faces come with impressive designs and will help users better customize their watch’s interface. The update is available via the Pixel Watch app on the Play Store and it is currently rolling out.


Aside from the new watch faces that are coming to the older Pixel Watch, there is another slight change. For some reason, the folks at 9to5Google are noticing that the heart rate complication is not using the speed dial design. Here is everything you need to know about the new watch faces coming to the original Pixel Watch.

A new update is now giving the original Pixel Watch users watch faces from the new Pixel 2 Watch

With the launch of the Pixel Watch 2, Google rolled out some new watch faces for use. These watch faces were exclusive to the new smartwatch from Google at launch, but all of that is changing. Users of the older Pixel Watch are now getting these watch faces thanks to a new update that’s rolling out.

This update is for the Pixel Watch app and it’s currently available on the Play Store for some users. At this moment, not everyone has access to these new updates as it is gradually rolling out. But it brings a total of six watch faces for usage on the original Pixel Watch.

The watch faces are Adventure, Analog Arcs, Analog Bold, Large Scale, Digital Bold, and Rotation faces. From these six watch faces, users of the old watch can customize about 25 other watch faces to suit their taste. These customizations affect not only the element layout on the faces but also the colour, styles, and fonts.

For some reason, Google held back from making these faces available on the older watch. But with the new update to Wear OS 4, users of the older watch are now getting these impressive and good-looking watch faces. Those who have got the update on their Pixel Watch app can now make their old watch look a bit like the new release.

At the moment, this update is now widely available for users globally. It is gradually rolling out to users, with the major improvement for the old Pixel Watch being these watch faces. If you are yet to get this update, you can rest assured that it’ll become available to you in the coming weeks.