Google responds to concerns over odd bumps on Pixel 8 Pro displays

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A couple of days ago, we reported about odd bumps popping up on some Pixel 8 Pro displays, and Google just decided to respond to those concerns. The company actually released a statement to address the concerns.

Google responds to concerns over display bumps on the Pixel 8 series

Google acknowledged that these bumps are visible “when the screen is turned off, not in use and in specific lighting conditions”. The company said that these are impressions from components in the device.


Most importantly, the company said that “there is no functional impact to Pixel 8 performance or durability”. So, this should not impact the device’s performance in any way, shape or form, not nor, or in the future. We’ll see if that’s true, of course.

Do note that the same seems to be happening to some Pixel 8 displays. It’s not a problem exclusive to the ‘Pro’ model of the Pixel 8. That’s why Google addressed the issue in general in its statement.

Users have started posting images showing these bumps recently, and it didn’t take Google long to respond. Let’s hope that the company is right, as this is not really a problem if it doesn’t affect the performance in some way.

These display bumps are only visible when the display is off, and under specific angle (on some units)

You really cannot see these bumps unless the display is turned off, and you really hit the right angle in terms of lighting. What’s interesting is that those bumps are not appearing on every unit, which is what concerns us.

Many people expressed fears that this could become a problem down the line. Google says it will not, however, so let’s hope that is the truth. If you’re seeing those bumps, you can try getting a replacement unit from Google. We’re not sure that will be possible, though, as Google doesn’t see this as a problem/defect at all.