Samsung details One UI 6.0 camera features for Galaxy S23

Featured image for Samsung details One UI 6.0 camera features for Galaxy S23

In late October, Samsung released the Android 14 stable update for the Galaxy S23 series, with One UI 6.0 on top. It brought a plethora of new features and improvements. The company has now taken out time to detail the new camera and gallery features of One UI 6.0.

Samsung details One UI 6.0 camera features

Samsung‘s latest camera updates start with a custom homescreen widget that lets you set shortcuts for different shooting modes. You can pick a separate location for saving the photos you take through different camera modes. The company has also diversified the Auto FPS settings to give you more control when shooting videos in low-light conditions. You now have the option to selectively apply Auto FPS to 30fps videos only or both 30fps and 60fps.


The shutter speed controls that were previously only available through the Camera Assistant app are part of the stock camera app with One UI 6.0. You can prioritize faster shooting speed with minimum optimization and post-processing or maximize optimization for improved image quality and slower shutter speed. There’s also a balanced option that gives you optimal shutter speed and image quality.

The new One UI version also separates the document scanning feature from the Scene optimizer. This lets you scan documents even when you have disabled the Scene optimizer. Samsung has added an auto-scan tool too, so your Galaxy S23 will automatically scan documents when recognized. If the document has a QR code, the device will detect that as well. You can choose to scan the QR code, simply take its photo, or scan the whole document.

The big update adds a dedicated button to quickly change the camera resolution when shooting in Photo or Pro mode. The button appears at the top of the screen. Samsung says it added this feature based on user feedback. Last but not least, One UI 6.0 lets you disable the swiping gesture (up or down on the screen) for twitching between front and rear cameras. This will prevent accidental switching of cameras.

New video editing tools and more

Samsung’s One UI 6.0 update for the Galaxy S23 series brings new photo and video editing tools. The Studio feature, which comes built into the gallery, offers advanced tools for high-quality video editing. It has a multi-layer editing structure and lets you easily add or move photos, video clips, stickers, and subtitles. Samsung has improved the built-in photo editing features too.


Additionally, the gallery now supports a two-finger drag-and-drop gesture for moving files between folders or albums. With One UI 6.0, document scanning works through the gallery too. If you have a picture of a document, you can quickly scan it to improve its clarity. You can also extract text from the photo and edit it using Samsung Notes or other text processing tools.

Elsewhere, cropping images and turning them into stickers is a breeze with the improved Image Clipper. The feature even supports videos. Simply pause the video at the desired scene and select the object you want to turn into a sticker. The system video player is now more feature-rich too. Samsung has added options to move feature positions and adjust the playback speed.

The new camera and gallery features will roll out to other Galaxy devices with the One UI 6.0 update. As usual, hardware limitations may prevent Samsung from pushing every new addition to older models, but flagships will get most of them. Budget and mid-range devices will miss out on some new features. The big update will reach more models in the coming weeks.