Samsung Galaxy Book 4 specs revealed early, in great detail

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Details about Samsung‘s upcoming Galaxy Book 4 lineup have already started leaking. And now, we might have a glimpse at the specifications these flagship laptops are going to ship with. Samsung has been trying to make a name for itself in the laptop market for some time now with its Galaxy Books. It competes directly with Microsoft’s Surface laptops and Apple’s MacBooks.

If the Windows Report info is accurate, there are five new Galaxy Book laptops on the way, and they each pack some very impressive specifications.


Samsung Galaxy Book 4

The Galaxy Book 4 is most likely going to be the cheapest product in the lineup. It comes with an Intel Core i5 120U that can go up to 5 GHz of processing power and has 12 MBs of Smart Cache. Graphical processing runs on integrated Intel Graphics, and the laptop has 8 GBs of LPDDR4x RAM. Storage is 512 GBs of NVMe Solid State, and the display is a 1080p 15.6″ LED. The Galaxy Book 4 has a 720p camera and Dolby Atmos speakers as well. Samsung’s Galaxy Book 4 is going to weigh 1.57 kg (3.46 lbs.).

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 360

The next laptop on the list is the Samsung Galaxy Book 4 360. It is somewhat identical to the Galaxy Book 4 in specs, with a few key differences. Its processor is the same as the Book 4, but the RAM is now 8 GBs of LPDDR5. The NVMe SSD storage is only 256 GBs compared to the former’s 512, but the camera is now capable of 1080p and the 15.6″ FHD display is an AMOLED touchscreen. Weighing in at 1.46 kg (3.22 lbs.) the Galaxy Book 4 360 is slightly lighter than the Galaxy Book 4.

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Pro

This is where we see the first leap in specs. The Galaxy Book 4 Pro has an Intel Core i7 155U processor capable of 4.8 GHz of processing power and coming with 24 MBs of Smart Cache. For graphics it uses the much more powerful Intel Arc Graphics. It has a 14″ WQXGA touchscreen display with a crisp 2880 x 1800 resolution. 512 GBs of NVMe SSD storage and 16 GBs of LPDDR5X RAM make it a very lucrative laptop worth considering. The speaker system is AKG’s Quad Speakers with Smart Amp Dolby Atmos. It also has a much better 2M camera and, weighing at only 1.26 kg (2.78 lbs.), it is the lightest of the Galaxy Book 4 lineup.


Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Pro 360

The Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Pro 360 has the same processor as the Book 4 Pro, and its display is has the same specs except it’s 16″ instead. The storage has been upped to a Terabyte of NVMe, while the RAM is the exact same 16 GBs of LPDDR5X. This laptop also uses Intel Arc Graphics, making it a very capable machine for both gaming or editing. It is heavier than the Book 4 Pro at 1.66 kg (3.66 lbs.).

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Ultra

As the name implies, this is the highest-end laptop in the lineup and Samsung pulled out all the stops for this one. It comes with a powerful Intel Core i9 185H processor capable of 5.1 GHz and 24 MBs of L3 cache. But that isn’t all; there is also 32 GBs of LPDDR5X RAM and a Terabyte of NVMe SSD storage. The display is the exact same as the Book 4 Pro 360, but this time it is powered by an Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU. The camera and the speakers are the same as the Book 4 Pro and the Book 4 Pro 360. Understandably, the Book 4 Ultra weighs the most at 1.86 kg (4.10 lbs.).

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Book 4 lineup is shaping up to be a premium choice of laptops. If Samsung continues along this trajectory of promising mobility with capability, it could very easily become a top choice of laptop in the coming years.