Switch to Visible today and cut your phone bill in half

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Did you know that you could have Verizon’s award-winning network, with unlimited data and pay as little as $25 per month? Well, you can, thanks to Visible.  

Visible is a prepaid carrier owned by Verizon, and thus runs on the Verizon network. It’s an inexpensive way to be able to use Verizon’s 4G and 5G networks, and get the same great coverage and speeds. Visible’s plans start at just $25 per month for unlimited data. 


So what do you get for $25 per month on Visible? As it turns out, quite a bit. As mentioned, you do get unlimited talk, text and data. In addition to that, you get unlimited mobile hotspot, unlimited talk and text to Canada and Mexico, as well as Spam Protection. 

Visible offers a second more expensive plan, called Visible+. This plan is $45 per month, and offers access to Verizon’s Ultra Wideband (mmWave and C-Band) network. It does have unlimited data, however Visible notes that you might be throttled after you surpass 50GB of usage in a month. This plan offers everything that the base plan does, and it also includes unlimited talk, text and data roaming in Canada and Mexico, International Calling from the US to over 30 countries and International Texting from the US to over 200 countries. 

That sounds like a pretty sweet deal at $45 per month, right? Well, Visible is making it even sweeter. With our exclusive code, VISIBLE35 you can get the Visible+ plan for just $35 per month when you bring your own device.  As long as you stay an active member of Visible and do not change plans, you will continue to pay just $35 for the plan. This promotion for Visible+ expires on August 31, 2023. 


No hidden fees, what you see is what you pay

In the base rates that Visible shows on their website, that is what you’ll be paying. Taxes and fees are all included in that price. So if you switch to Visible, and sign up for the base Visible plan, that’s $25 per month, or the Visible+ plan, that’s only $35 per month. Nothing more, and nothing less. 


With Visible, there’s also no annual contract, you can leave Visible whenever you want, and bring your number with you. And this can all be done online. No more waiting in a carrier store to get help, Visible has fast and helpful customer service, which can be reached through online chat. 

Let’s not forget that you can also get the latest phones through Visible. There are tons of phones available to purchase directly through Visible that will work on their network. Including the latest from Samsung, Apple and Google, like the Galaxy S23 series, the iPhone 14 series and even the new Pixel Fold. You can finance these new devices, though Visible hands that off to Affirm which offers 24- or 36-month payment plans, depending on the price of the phone. 

You can bring your Apple Watch over to Visible as well, or buy a new one. Their wearable plan is $5 per month, allowing you to get phone and watch connectivity for as low as $30 per month. However, the wearable plan is currently limited to just the Apple Watch. 

Finally, if your current phone does not work on Visible’s network, they will replace it for free with a compatible device. This is called Visible Swap, and it makes it easier to switch to Visible without worrying about if you have to buy a new phone. Once your phone number ports over to Visible, they will overnight you the Swap phone. Which will also come with a prepaid return label so you can send in your old phone. And poof, you now have a phone that works on Visible. It really couldn’t get much easier. 

With Visible, you’re getting a lot of value, for not a lot of money. You can switch over to Visible by clicking here. It takes just a few minutes, as long as your phone is compatible and uses eSIM. If your phone is older and doesn’t support eSIM, don’t sweat it, Visible will overnight a physical SIM to you. So you’ll be up and running in no time. 

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