Xiaomi unveils Watch S3 with HyperOS, AMOLED screen & more

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In addition to announcing the Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro, the company also presented a third hardware product during its press event, the Xiaomi Watch S3. This is the company’s new smartwatch that runs HyperOS.

HyperOS also comes pre-installed on the Xiaomi 14 series, to replace MIUI. You’ll see that name quite often moving forward. Xiaomi actually wants to use it on a ton of different types of devices.


The Xiaomi Watch S3 is now official, and runs a brand new HyperOS skin

The Xiaomi Watch S3 does look like a regular smartwatch. It actually does look like a sporty watch, but it also brings some class to the table. It’s made out of metal, and has two buttons on the right-hand side.

Do note that this watch was announced in China, but it could launch globally too. One of its variants comes with a fluorine rubber strap, and Bluetooth only. The other includes a brown leather strap, and eSIM support.

Xiaomi actually announced a new approach to changing watch bands. The company refers to this as an ‘interchangeable bezel’, and you can easily change watch bands by twisting. That probably means you cannot use regular watch bands, though, but we’re not sure yet.

You’ll find over 500 sports modes on the watch

Over 150 sports modes are included on the watch, and a 12-channel heart rate detection module. That increases heart rate accuracy by 20%, claims Xiaomi.

This watch also has independent dual-frequency five-satellite positioning for GPS tracking. You’ll also find a dual-layer antenna design, which should increase GNSS antenna reception by 50%.

The Xiaomi Watch S3 includes a 1.43-inch (466 x 466) AMOLED display. That panel goes up to 600 nits of brightness, and has 256 levels of adaptive brightness. Your usual range of sensors are included here.

This watch can monitor women’s health, stress, sleep, and heart rate. It can detect falls, and it’s even equipped with breath training. Bluetooth 5.2 is included, and so is a 486mAh battery. Xiaomi quotes up to 7 days of battery life with “typical usage” on an LTE version, and up to 15 days with Bluetooth version.

The watch comes in black, brown, and silver colors. Its pricing starts at CNY799 ($109) in China, and it’s already available to pre-order.

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Xiaomi Watch S3 image 3
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