This is potentially LG's best TV ever – and it's $189 off!

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Update: The LG G3 OLED has gone up a little in price but it’s still on sale for $189 off. The price has now bumped up to $1,796.99 from $1,769.99.

LG’s G3 OLED TV is an expensive unit which can make it a hard sell even if it is quite possibly the best TV LG has ever produced, and that’s what makes this early Black Friday deal on it so good. Right now the LG G3 OLED TV is $189 off so the price comes down from $1,985.99 to $1,796.99.


That might be just enough to grab the attention of some consumers who weren’t willing to bite the bullet and snap this up when it launched earlier this year. But now that it’s a couple hundred dollars less, well now is the perfect time to reconsider whether or not you should upgrade to it. And you probably should since its picture quality is more or less unmatched.

The secret sauce in LG’s G3 OLED TV is LG’s micro lens array technology. This uses a metric ton of tiny lenses that LG has embedded into the OLED panel that are designed to focus the light and improve the efficiency of the picture. The end result is an ultra-sharp, crisp image on-screen with superb color and excellent performance in brighter rooms. It also has a really, really thin build so it fits perfectly against a wall or on TV stand that doesn’t have as much depth to it.

It even comes with GeForce NOW built-in if you feel like starting up a game to relax. Plus there’s Alexa built into the remote so you can control a few features with your voice. And who doesn’t love hands-free features? You can snag this deal from the link below if you’re ready for the best TV experience you’ll ever have.

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