Chrome Web Store unveils its redesign to the public

Featured image for Chrome Web Store unveils its redesign to the public

This week marks the official launch of the revamped Chrome Web Store, bringing a modern and visually appealing redesign to the digital marketplace. Following a limited preview in August, Google has now made the redesigned store accessible to all users. The new design elements enhances the user experience in discovering and installing Chrome extensions and themes.

Google’s Material You inspires the design elements in Chrome Web Store

Inspired by Google’s Material You design, the Chrome Web Store introduces fresh color palettes, updated card styles, and improved icon legibility as part of the redesign. These updated elements provide a more cohesive and visually pleasing experience for users.


One of the standout features of the redesign introduced in Google’s blog post is the new extension categories. It effectively caters to a diverse range of user interests. From AI-powered extensions to those tailored for shopping enthusiasts, the Chrome Web Store now offers a more extensive selection to meet varied user needs. Additionally, curated collections showcase extensions based on users’ download history. It ensures personalized recommendations aligned with individual preferences.

The redesign also includes relocating the search bar to the top right of the screen, allowing for quicker and more accessible navigation.

Editors’ Spotlight and curated collections

To highlight noteworthy extensions, the new Chrome Web Store features an Editors’ Spotlight, showcasing recently-launched extensions recommended by Google. It provides users with a dynamic and engaging way to explore new additions to the library.

The redesigned digital store also introduces curated collections, presenting carefully selected extensions grouped into specific categories. Among these are AI-powered extensions and those dedicated to shopping, enriching the variety of options available to users. The new layout includes separate tabs for “Extensions” and “Themes,” each offering distinct recommendations. It creates a more organized and user-friendly browsing experience.

With this significant facelift, the Chrome Web Store aligns itself with Google’s broader initiative to unify its design language under Material You.